Email Overload


Are you overloaded by jokes, store ads, blogs, subscriptions and   newsletters from various organizations? 


Much like junk mail that comes via the Post Office, you can have ‘junk email’.  Just as you can take your name off the junk mail list– you need to UNSUBSCRIBE to emails that you receive, but just don’t have time to read.  No longer feel guilty that you can’t get to them and have them filling up your inbox.  Simply choose the top 5 (or less) you want to receive and unsubscribe from everything else. 


And do it today


Pick a Number



Are you having trouble getting rid of things in either your house or office?  Well then pick a number!  This will be the number of things you will get rid of each day for the next month.  This can include clutter, files, junk mail, clothes,   reference materials, anything at all!  Make sure it is a reasonable number so that you can reach the goal each and every day.  Remember it only takes a month to create a habit. You might just create the habit of being organized!  J


Grab-n-Go file

There have been many fires around the country lately.  If you had to get out quickly could you grab all your important papers immediately?

If not, you should create a grab-n-go file.  This would have copies of all your important documents in it, including bank account numbers,insurance information, copies of credit cards, drivers license, etc. Basically all the info you would need should your house be a total loss.  The best place to keep this would be a safe or locked cabinet.  Try not to label it something obvious for criminals, just in case your home is broken into.  But you need to be able to continue your life should the worst case scenario happen to you.

Be prepared.


Note: This tip applies to your home and your business.  You should consider a grab-n-go file with all your important business information in it for your office.



Beware of Scams


NEVER give out personal information when someone contacts you.  If someone calls, emails or faxes you and wants ANY of your personal information—do not give it to them.


Instead, if you think the request is valid, you contact them.  Find the phone number yourself and call them.  Or “Google” their website and contact them.  Always call back and authenticate who contacted you and if the company indeed needs any additional information from you.  This way you know the source is valid. 


Remember– they are good at these scams and the emails look very real, even with the company logo.  But do not give ANY   personal information if someone contacts you– you should always initiate the contact.