Have you ever called someone hoping that their voicemail would pick up instead of them actually answering?  Perhaps you want to avoid an awkward talk, or you are too busy to have a long phone conversation.  Well now you can call someone’s cell phone and have it go directly to their voicemail. 

Simply dial 267-759-3425. 

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Multi-Use Furniture


This is a desk from Crate and Barrel (called Convertible Compact Desk) that is a file cabinet, desk and storage unit all in one.  When you can, try to find furniture and storage pieces that can serve multiple functions.  It will make getting organized that much easier– especially when working with smaller spaces.


Paint yourself Organized!


I think that many of you may know that there is ‘chalkboard’ paint available.  All you do is paint the wall with the special paint, and it becomes an instant chalkboard.  But did you also know there is ‘magnetic’ paint and ‘dry erase’ paint?!  You can make any surface magnetic or a dry erase board.  So consider using the back of your pantry door as a dry erase board– or paint a wall in your office magnetic (then paint over it with any color paint and you will never know it is magnetic).  They can be purchased at Lowe’s and other hardware stores.


Organizing with 3 x 5 Cards


To-do lists are tough to deal with aren’t they?  Your list may become too long, or too messy.  It’s hard to read and hard to  actually do anything.  You may want to try using 3×5 index cards to make your lists.  That way when you are done with something you simply throw the card away.  One way to organize the cards is with a 3×5 action folio and notecard bleacher at