Mail- An Extra Step

 I have already mentioned that you should remove yourself from junk mail mailing lists (you can do this at  And that you should open your mail over a shredder and garbage can. 

But here is one extra step to take to reduce paper.  When you receive a bill or statement in the mail, open it and remove the extra paper the company has added to the envelope.  Toss it or shred it immediately so that all you have left is the bill/statement and the billing return address envelope.

Clothing Closet

 There are 2 ways to organize your clothes: 

By type:  you should hang like types of clothes together (rather than just hanging items randomly) Instead group like with like: t-shirts, short sleeve shirts, long sleeve shirts, sweaters, pants, skirts, etc.

By type and color:  once you have the clothes separated by type, you can take the next step and separate by color– all blue short sleeve shirts together, all white ones, grey pants together,  black pants together, etc. 

**This will not only make your closet more organized and pleasing to the eye, but will make getting dressed much quicker and easier!


Snack Bowl for Kids

  Not having to clean up after your young children every 5 minutes can help to keep you organized.  Here is a great product that allows children the independence of feeding themselves without making a big mess.  The bowl actually rotates to keep the food inside.  Great idea!