Make Space for Your Shoes

 To make more room in your closet for shoes try this:

 1. Buy a shoe organizer of any kind– get the shoes off of the floor.

2. Store the shoes heel to toe,  rather than heel to heel like we tend to do.  

These rules apply to men’s, women’s and children’s shoes.  

**Also, if you tend to kick off your shoes at the back door,     store them neatly by getting a shoe organizer or basket to better contain them. 


Freedom Filer

 Tired of trying to do your filing system yourself?  You may want to try  Freedom Filer.  It is a label system that is color coded and tells you how long and where to keep whatever it is you need to file.  It comes with very simple instruction sheets on how to use the labels and even helps you to purge the system based on a schedule. 


Click here to learn more!


The website has a lot of information including a great video showing how the system works.


Teach Your Kids to Donate


Start as early as you can to teach your kids the value of donating.  After you have completed an organizing session or have cleaned their room, take them with you to the donation center.  They will be able to see the whole process and trust that items are going to someone in need, rather than just feeling like you wanted to have them clean their room.   

** I don’t recommend ‘ambush’ organizing your children’s space.  Meaning to go through with a garbage sack and taking out what you don’t think they need.  This may actually cause them to hoard more and have issues with getting organized. Make sure they are involved in the process.