Gift Certificates Are Available!


Gift Certificates are available!!!

Today thru Dec. 19– purchase an organizing session gift certificate and receive $30 OFF!

Do you want to give the gift of time and help for the holidays?  Now would be a great time to provide them with an organizing certificate.  Let them know how much you appreciate all that they do during the day and offer them help to make things easier for them.


Unclaimed Cash

 During this Holiday season could you use some extra money?   This website might help you find it!  Often times you can be owed a refund you didn’t know about or lost track of a small account. (I found some money owed to my dad so it is possible!)   Check it out:  Good luck!





**This is for WASHINGTON STATE residents—but check the web for your state’s unclaimed property website. Offers Frustration Free Shipping

 Trying to support the environment?  Tired of cutting your hands when trying to open a package?  Want less clutter and garbage to deal with?  Amazon is offering a new packaging option just for you! 

 From Amazon: 

The Frustration- Free Package is recyclable and comes without excess packaging materials such as hard plastic clamshell casings, plastic bindings, and wire ties. It’s designed to be opened without the use of a box cutter or knife and will protect your product just as well as traditional packaging (on the right). Products with Frustration- Free Packaging can frequently be shipped in their own boxes, without an additional shipping box., but
our vision is to offer our entire catalog of products in
Frustration- Free Packaging.”

We currently offer a selection of Toys and Consumer Electronics
products in Frustration- Free Packaging. It will take many years







 Checklists– they seem simple enough., but they help insure we get things done.  Most of us use a to-do list or a grocery list.  But consider using checklists for a variety of other things:  

What to pack, your kids school bag contents, a morning routine, things to stock in your car, things to do at the end of each day to prepare for tomorrow, what to take when you travel for business, client folders– what to have in them, phone call questions for new clients,  chore chart, babysitter checklist and MORE.   You can visit for free checklists.