De-Clutter Using the Library

libraryInstead of buying books, CD’s and DVD’s– check them out from your local library.  You will have the same great  entertainment without the clutter.  You will also be given a deadline to return them, so you will be sure to get them out of the house!


(Bonus benefit:  you will save money)


Northwest Women’s Show

 I will have a booth at the Northwest Women’s Show this weekend—come by and say HI! 

Qwest Field Event Center

Seattle, WA

March 27-29, 2009

Admission:  $15 (visit a Bartell’s store for $2 off)


Turntables (lazy susans)

I can’t say enough about turntables (or lazy susans)!  They can be used almost anywhere: 

ü laundry room

ü under the sink in kitchen or bathroom

ü cabinet or closet

ü refrigerator

ü garage

ü craft room

ü for spices

ü office

ü kitchen/pantry …….where can you use one?




How to Dispose of Old Medications

medication-bottlesTake time to clean out your medicine cabinet and get rid of anything that has expired or you are no longer using. Here are a few tips to help with how to get rid of medication properly. 

    Take them to a medication drop off location—often hazardous waste disposal sites at your local dump   

¨ Take them to a local pharmacy to see if they will dispose of them for you (some Costco’s, CVS and other pharmacy’s will take them) 

¨ Donate them to a program that dispenses them to third world countries like the Starfish Project.

¨ Dispose of them safely on your own

Keep the medication in the original container

Add a small amount of water to the container to dissolve them. Then add something unappealing like kitty litter. (So no animals or children will want them)

Seal the container shut with tape, place is a sealable bag and place in a non-transparent container so contents can’t be seen.

Discard in the garbage away from kids and pets-not in the recycling bin.


Livescribe Pen

livescribe-pen-1Have you ever attended a meeting or a conference and wished you had taken better notes?  This pen will solve all your problems.  As you take notes it records the audio in the room and you can replay the meeting audio thru the pens built in digital recorder.  You can also upload your notes to your computer (has a built in camera and USB).  You should really check out the demo at to learn all that this pen has to offer.  (It is even Mac compatible.)  Available at Target and


Uses For Your Old Tins

metal-tinThe holidays are over and you have a lot of tins left to store.  Why not put them to good use?  They are great for organizing.  Since they are waterproof consider using them for your emergency kit supplies, or other sensitive items that need a sturdy container. 

You could even use such ones as Altoids tins for items like sewing needles, paper clips and more!  They might even make great drawer organizers in the bathroom or laundry area.