How to Dispose of Old Medications

medication-bottlesTake time to clean out your medicine cabinet and get rid of anything that has expired or you are no longer using. Here are a few tips to help with how to get rid of medication properly. 

    Take them to a medication drop off location—often hazardous waste disposal sites at your local dump   

¨ Take them to a local pharmacy to see if they will dispose of them for you (some Costco’s, CVS and other pharmacy’s will take them) 

¨ Donate them to a program that dispenses them to third world countries like the Starfish Project.

¨ Dispose of them safely on your own

Keep the medication in the original container

Add a small amount of water to the container to dissolve them. Then add something unappealing like kitty litter. (So no animals or children will want them)

Seal the container shut with tape, place is a sealable bag and place in a non-transparent container so contents can’t be seen.

Discard in the garbage away from kids and pets-not in the recycling bin.



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