Clean Out Computer Files


Maybe, just maybe at the end of the year– the shear volume of your filing cabinet makes you clean it out.  Or maybe you know to take everything out for the year and start fresh.  But do you clean out your old computer files as well?  You should!  When you create a new file– can you delete the old one?  At the end of the year take some time and delete old files.  Is someone else actually responsible for the document and you can delete it? Your computer can run slow if it is too bogged down, so don’t forget to take time to clean out your virtual files!


Clothes Storage Tips from Good Housekeeping Magazine

seasonal-clothes The sun is FINALLY out here in Seattle so I am hopeful that Spring will actually arrive.  I thought you might want some helpful hints if you are changing out your seasonal clothes. 

But remember– don’t just store items away.  Take a moment to actually look at them:  Do they fit?  Are they still in      fashion?  Are they torn or faded?  Do you actually like the item?  When was the last time you wore them? 

Here’s to Spring!   425-785-5239


Tip of the Week – Book Get Organized:Get Revitalized

book-gogrinside1 Do you like my email tips of the week?  Do you wish you had a better way to refer to them? 

Well now you do!

 I have compiled the best of my tips from the past 2 years along with some great photos into an 88 page book .  It has all the great information you need to help keep you motivated and energized for your organizing  projects.  You can buy it online at for only $9.95 + (S&H).  As a special offer> anyone who buys the book during the month of April will receive a FREE  e-book called “100 Ideas for Better Organization” by Smead. 

Great for yourself, friends, family or anyone wanting some great organizing tips.