Trash or Treasure Event – Redmond, WA

Saturday May 30, 2009

Redmond Senior Center

8703 160th Ave. NE


Professional appraisers will be on hand to give verbal market evaluations for such items as antiques, dolls, toys, quilts, fine arts, glass, books and sports memorabilia.  Furniture will not be accepted.  The appraisal fee is $5 per item with a maximum of 6 items per person. 

Call 425-556-2314 for a registration packet.

Team Effort

box-it-up1I often hear from people that they wish their spouse would be more organized.  While it is true that people have different ways of doing things, I recently read an article that stated a change in your relationship may actually cause a spouse to use clutter as a way to get noticed.  It suggested addressing the issue calmly and in a clutter-free zone.  Working side by side to achieve the goal of  un-cluttering may allow you to reconnect as long as you are working as a team and giving positive reinforcement.  Try to understand where your spouse is coming from.  Work in small time segments (no more than an hour at a time) and reward yourselves by doing something fun together afterward.   ♦ 425-785-5239 ♦

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