Outdoor Activities Checklist

During this summer will you be enjoying activities like   boating, camping, swimming at the pool, picnicking?  Things will be a lot easier if you have a checklist to follow so you don’t forget anything.  It is as simple as creating a quick list on the computer with everything you need– then place it with your outdoor gear and make sure to have everything you need when you leave the house.  It may also be a good idea to have a checklist for when you return (for instance reminding you to restock, wash things and a shopping list of needed items.)

Tip: Put the checklist inside of a sheet protector and use a dry erase marker to check things off.  Simply use a cloth to erase and use again.

An Organized Fridge

 fridge shelfOrganize Magazine did an article in May of 2008 that talked about how to better organize your fridge.  I love that they thought outside of the box.  They suggested using turntables for condiments, etc.   You can even use baskets to better contain items from getting lost.  Drawer organizers can be used to corral the smaller items like yogurts.  The picture here shows some of their ideas.  Don’t be afraid to use a  variety of organizing tools in the fridge/freezer.  You aren’t just stuck with what the manufacturer gives you!  And whatever you do, don’t forget to label items with the date.  I use a pen and simply write the date on things when I open them.

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Rack It File

rack if fileI have been wanting to share this great product with you:  the Rack it File.  The company is based in Canada, but Storables is now selling this product in the US.  You simply mount the side brackets to the wall with screws and you can hang your file folders.  I have one in my office and love it because I can store those important files that I don’t want– out of sight out of mind.  It makes for quick access, but doesn’t clutter my desk with files and is not in a drawer where I can’t see them.   www.rackitfile.com

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Start With 50

There is a book that recently came out called:  “Throw Out Fifty Things” (by Gail Blanke) It talks about tossing just 50 things and includes everything from mental clutter, such as regret, to general clutter such as old make-up. 

 Can you find 50 things to throw out in your home?   Your car?  Your motorhome?  Your mind?  Your emotional baggage?  

Clearing out the clutter allows you to enjoy life and have more time to do what is really important.

 Take time today to TOSS YOUR 50!


Restoring Damaged Photos

Recently I have been working with several clients on getting their photos organized and simplified– decades and decades of photos.  Some are even from the early 1900’s!  Often the pictures we come across are damaged and/or faded.    Gratefully, I have found a service that does photo restoration and wanted to share it with you.  There are several great  examples of the kinds of restoration they offer on their  website– check it out, they do great work!

Photo Restoration and Retouching



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