Start With 50

There is a book that recently came out called:  “Throw Out Fifty Things” (by Gail Blanke) It talks about tossing just 50 things and includes everything from mental clutter, such as regret, to general clutter such as old make-up. 

 Can you find 50 things to throw out in your home?   Your car?  Your motorhome?  Your mind?  Your emotional baggage?  

Clearing out the clutter allows you to enjoy life and have more time to do what is really important.

 Take time today to TOSS YOUR 50!



One thought on “Start With 50

  1. Hi! This post came up as a suggested reading after I wrote my post, “Room for things that matter more” – I reread Gail’s book probably every quarter and amazingly can always find 50 things. I just did one this weekend that was deeper and more emotionally intense, getting rid of things that I wanted but that I rarely used. I’ll be writing more about my experiences of getting rid of things and heading toward modest living and minimalism 🙂

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