Brain Downloading

brainThe reason many people keep things is because they are afraid they will forget therefore using them as reminders.  The tips below will help you to be able to ‘download your brain’ so that you know you have a system and safe place to keep things you need to know.

  • Never miss an opportunity to write something down
  • Have good places to capture your thoughts (PDA, calendar)
  • Don’t have too many places where you collect your thoughts– try to have only 1 or 2
  • Go thru your calendar day by day, month by month and jot down things that come to mind– write them down
  • Just sit… your brain needs time to just rest and stop spinning.  When something comes to mind, write it down
  • Walk around your house and see write down things that pop to mind (chores, repairs, things to buy, etc)
  • Walk around your office/job and write down what pops to mind (deadlines, ideas, etc)
  • While in meetings have a way to capture thoughts/ideas

     (tips courtesy of Meggin McIntosh, Ph.D


CardbulterI know many people are very visual.  I also know that many of my clients don’t know what to do with the business cards they get and need to follow up on.  I usually recommend a card scanner (ScanSnap  is a good one) –  but I found this product called the Cardbutler and think it is also a good  solution.You can find it at it is called “The cardbutler rotating desk organizer”   IDEA:  You could even use this for your to-do’s for the day,  writing them on an index card.   ♦ 425-785-5239 ♦   Follow me on TWITTER     @Staceyorganizes

Easy to Access Frame

picture frameSometimes we are unorganized because the products we have are difficult to use.  Do you ever go to change a picture in a picture frame and fight with the frame until you give up?  There is now a frame that has a hinged door that makes changing a photo so much easier!  It can even hold up to 50 different pictures so you can rotate the items quickly and   easily.  It is called the Li’l DaVinci Art Frame.  One of the places you can find it is at 

Great for school work as kids go back to school!

Time Management

clockWe spend 80% of our time on things that are trivial and not helpful to our overall goals.  Have you ever ‘surfed the net for research’ rather than doing that big project that is due?  Or called a friend rather than organizing your files?  We tend to put off what we don’t like to do, feel is too difficult or that we have had a tough time with in the past.  This is a great YouTube video that will help you realize— do the big,  difficult, important things first and you will have more time to do everything you really want to do.

Click here to view the video   ♦ 425-785-5239 ♦     Follow me on TWITTER     @Staceyorganizes




hooksNot quite sure how to solve your organizing dilemma but it is driving you nuts?  Hang a hook or two to get started.   Hooks are a great way to get things off of the floor.  They can be used as a permanent solution, or as a temporary one until you have a chance to figure out what you want in that space. 

Great for things like: 

▪purses   ▪hats   ▪belts  ▪clothes   ▪dry cleaning    ▪ties   ▪kids backpacks    ▪sports equipment     ▪jewelry… and MORE!   ♦ 425-785-5239 ♦     Follow me on Twitter:  @staceyorganizes