Brain Downloading

brainThe reason many people keep things is because they are afraid they will forget therefore using them as reminders.  The tips below will help you to be able to ‘download your brain’ so that you know you have a system and safe place to keep things you need to know.

  • Never miss an opportunity to write something down
  • Have good places to capture your thoughts (PDA, calendar)
  • Don’t have too many places where you collect your thoughts– try to have only 1 or 2
  • Go thru your calendar day by day, month by month and jot down things that come to mind– write them down
  • Just sit… your brain needs time to just rest and stop spinning.  When something comes to mind, write it down
  • Walk around your house and see write down things that pop to mind (chores, repairs, things to buy, etc)
  • Walk around your office/job and write down what pops to mind (deadlines, ideas, etc)
  • While in meetings have a way to capture thoughts/ideas

     (tips courtesy of Meggin McIntosh, Ph.D


2 thoughts on “Brain Downloading

  1. a daytimer planner captures my TIME based appts, deadlines, events, but I can’t figure out how to capture IDEAS/PLANS/PROJECTS in a “master list” as a free-form list. These thoughts might lead to action or remain ideas for the future or get dropped.

    Any suggestions you’ve seen work? I don’t want to use my daytimer to capture loose ideas because it’s crammed with events for specific days, weeks, and months, and this list would be dynamically changing, reordering, adding to, and dropping.

    • I don’t suggest using your daytimer for ‘general ideas’. You can however, staple/insert paper to the back of it to capture ideas and notes. I usually recommend using 1 notebook for your ideas. You can use post-its in the notebook as tab dividers for ideas, projects, goals. But having 1 place to ‘brain dump’ is usually very helpful (rather than random pieces of paper)

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