Cash In

piggy bankAccording to Coinstar the average home has $90 in loose change… just lying around.  My challenge to you is to find at least $10.  Check your sofa, dresser tops, junk drawers,    laundry room, kids room, desk, anywhere you might toss change.  If you find a lot, go to a local grocery store and cash it in at a Coinstar machine– you can get cash back or receive it in the form of gift cards.  If you email me how much you found I will post the highest ‘finder’ in my next tip!  

Good luck– happy change hunting!  (or maybe you will find a big check you forgot to cash!)


A&E TV Show on Hoarding

A&E logoDo you struggle with hoarding?  Do you know someone who does?  There is a great show on the A&E channel called “Hoarders”.  It profiles the struggles and successes of the   ultimate clutter situation.  Each client is paired with a    therapist and Professional Organizer. Check your local listings (it airs on Monday nights) or visit:   ♦ 425-785-5239 ♦  

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Organize Your Recipes

recipe relishRecipes can come in many different sizes– you can print them off the internet, tear them out of a magazine, use recipe cards or simply write them on scratch paper.  That is why this new product called Recipe Relish is great.  It is a vinyl binder that has index cards, but can hold any size recipe.  It is durable, washable and when you use it has a easel feature to prop your recipes up.  It closes nicely to fit right along your cookbooks.  If you don’t want to purchase this product,  consider using a photo album or binder with sheet protectors.  Take the time now to organize your recipes and you will save a lot of time later when it comes to cooking and shopping.