From Your Pantry to Theirs

food bankDonations are a great way to clear your clutter while  being able to give help to someone in need.  This is a great time of year to clean out your pantry.  Toss anything that is expired.  Anything that is still good, but you know you won’t eat– donate to your local food bank.  When putting things back in your pantry be sure to put them back in categories (fruits, veggies, snacks, cereals, etc.)  You may also want to label the shelves in the pantry so that everyone in your home can help keep things neat and tidy.  If your pantry is organized, you will spend less money on food purchases

Professional Shredding

006Have you ever burned up a home shredder from hours and hours of use?  There are many secure, reliable, inexpensive professional shredding companies.

 When hiring one consider: 

* Do they provide a Certificate of Destruction?

* What can they shred? – CDs? Binder clips?  Binders?

* Do they charge by weight or by the quantity?

* Do they shred onsite or transport the items to a secure location?

* Are they willing to share their security policies and procedures with you?

* Does their staff seem professional and knowledgeable?

* Do their storage containers lock?

What is Really Important in Your Life?

daisy day one

Meet Daisy– she is my new 2 month old Cock-a-Poo.  While   super cute and the new love of my life, she comes with a ton of responsibility and time commitments.  In the mere week I have had her I have had to be much better at time management.  I spend a lot less time on worthless emails, I plan my day better, I am spending time learning what is most important.  Take time today to realize what is important in YOUR life.  How can you better plan your day/work to spend time doing what is more important.

Life is short—don’t spend it being consumed by your ‘to-do’ list!