Still Fresh?

Tis the season to be baking and cooking for friends and    family.  Do you ever question how long things last in the fridge or freezer?  Do you need help deciding what to toss in the pantry?  This is a great website that tells you how long food lasts whether it is fresh, frozen, opened, etc.

Check it out: 

**Remember to date items when you put them in the fridge or freezer.  This time of year is a great time to toss those old items buried deep in the bottom of the freezer. ** 425-785-5239


End of the Year File Clean-Out

It is the end of the year and time to clean out your files so they are not packed full for next year.  

1. Do one file at a time– go completely through it to decide what you need to toss, keep, shred. Make sure to go through every file you have.

2. If you do NOT write it off on your taxes you can toss/shred (confirm with your accounting professional.)

3. If you do need to keep it, you will need to keep for 3-7yrs for tax audits.  Take   everything out of the current file.  Use an envelope or plastic bin to contain the papers.  Mark them “2009”.  Get a box and put the paperwork inside.  Mark “2009” on the outside of the box.  Put the box in the garage or somewhere away from your current filing system.

You should have empty or near empty file folders left.  If you need a new folder made, this is the time to make it.

Doing this now will make next years filing  SO much easier!

Great Holiday Gift Idea

Need a great gift idea for the holidays?

How about a gift certificate for Professional Organizing?  Give your loved one the help they want to clear out the clutter and start the New Year off right!  Or how about a great book:   Get Organized: Get Revitalized!   ♦ 425-785-5239 ♦



Planning for the Holidays

CB055152The holidays can be a very stressful time of year.  Take a few moments to think ahead and write down your plan.  Make a timeline of when you need to have things done like shopping, Christmas cards, travel plans, etc.  Make checklists to make sure you don’t for get anything.  And relax-  this is not the time to try to be perfect in everything you do.  Your family and friends live busy lives as well—they will understand if you don’t get your cards out until after the New Year or if you have some clutter around.  The holidays are a time to be with family and friends.  Remember to enjoy them and don’t work yourself to death planning and doing– enjoy the moment.

Leaving the House in Time

totesThe question was recently asked to Real Simple Magazine readers “How do you get out of the house on time?”  I loved Monica’s answer (to the left).  Make sure you have a system for things that need to leave the house (or office) so that you don’t forget items when you need them.

Someone recently asked a few professional organizers to help her get her family out the door in 5 minutes or less in the   morning.  The overwhelming response was to have realistic expectations of how long it takes to get things ready and leave the house.  Set realistic goals, create the system, practice the routine and you will make it happen.    425-785-5239


4 D’s of Email

email1. Do it—what are you waiting for?  Don’t just open, read and close.  Actually take action on the email.

2. Delete it — once you have taken action you can     delete it.  You may even be able to delete without     opening it.

3. Delegate it— need help?  Don’t try to do everything yourself!

4. Defer it— wait only if you need further information or if it is in the future, otherwise refer to #1 and DO IT NOW! — 425-785-5239—-