Dressing Up Shoeboxes

Money is getting tighter, so finding ways to recycle and reuse are more helpful than ever. Old shoeboxes are a great way to organize everything from office supplies to tax receipts to computer cords. But they aren’t usually very attractive. Consider wrapping your shoeboxes like you would a present to give them a new lease on life. You can use shelving paper, fabric, gift wrap or left over wallpaper. Attached a nice label to the front and you have an instant makeover for your storage boxes that will even match your décor.

Start 2010 Off Right


 I am booking for 2010– if you need an organizing appointment or a speaker for your next event CALL TODAY and we can make it happen.

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The Golden Rule

Are you setting a good example with the emails you send? 



Are they:

  • bulleted or numbered?
  • spaced out well?
  • less than one screen shot?
  • clear and concise?
  • complete?

Remember for every 5 emails you send, you get 3 back.  Don’t you want those 3 to be well crafted?  Set a good email example by making sure the emails you send are easy to read and clear to the recipient