Upcoming Seminars

Where’s Stacey?  Would you like to see Stacey in action and get great organizing tips?  Here are my upcoming seminars: 

♦ Ask the Organizer Panel and Vendor Fair

   Saturday March 6, 2010 9am-1pm.  Panel from 10:30-11:30am (Stacey is a panelist)

   Bellevue Sheraton (includes continental breakfast, panel and organizing vendors)

   Open to the public– everyone welcome $10 at door or $8 Click here to Register

♦  Take Back Control– Organizing work, paper and email (SBA event)

    Thursday March 18, 2010  7:30-10:00am

    4th and Battery Building, Seattle

    Open to the public– everyone welcome $25 prepaid Click here to Register

♦  Get and Stay Organized—with Sarah Taylor of Edward Jones

     Saturday March 20, 2010  10-11:30am

     Kirkland Lodge

     Open to the public– everyone welcome  Free Click here to RSVP

You can always visit www.organizedinnovations.com for more information and seminars!

Forget Perfectionism

Perfectionism is a form of procrastination. 

Don’t put it off until you have time to “do it better”.  Go with what you’ve got.  For most things it’s good enough.  You can always improve upon it later. 

Perfectionism may not be your goal, but may be what is making things chaotic.  Work hard to be ok with making progress and making it the best you can.

Multi-Tasking is a No-No

We are in the world of: do more, go faster, multi-task, don’t stop.  Yet multi-tasking has been proven over and over not to work and, in fact, to slow you down.  When you see someone trying to text and drive do you feel safe next to them?  No.  Cut your daily tasks into smaller sections and give each the full time it          deserves.  Consider doing one task for 20 minutes then shifting gears and doing the next for 20 minutes. The concentrated time will help you stay focused and    allow you to get more done.   Trust me!

Don’t Be Afraid to Experiment

Perfection– while we all strive to attain it, it is often not a reasonable goal.  When you are getting organized don’t be afraid to try a few things before settling on the  final solution for your organizing dilemma. It can take some successes and failures to really get the system that is right for you. Don’t give up if the first try isn’t homerun perfect.

You can do it– stick with it!


Kits are a great way to buy and store items because they are usually compact and hold exactly what you need.  They are easy to take with you, clearly labeled and are pretty easy to see what is missing.  What kits could you use to make your life easier? 

  • first aid kit                                  
  • emergency car kit                      
  • earthquake kit
  • manicure/nail kit
  • tool kit
  • travel kit for kids in the car
  • gardening kit
  • shoe kit
  • Baby care kit
  • craft kit
  • repair kit
  • travel kit
  • sewing kit 

Consider making a kit for activities you do often.

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