Free Shredding Events

Live in Washington State and looking for a shredding event to shred your papers for FREE?  Check out this site for dates and locations: 

If you don’t live in Washington, Google shredding events in your area.  Many will let you shred 4-5 boxes for free

Fun Email Challenge

Here is a fun challenge for you—set a timer for 20 minutes and delete as many emails as you can. Remember:

DO it now
DELETE it as soon as you can
UNSUBSCRIBE from what you are not reading
BE HONEST with yourself if you really need to keep it

You wouldn’t put all of your papers into one file folder and place it on your desk– why are you trying to do that with your email inbox?

Note: You should be able to delete emails older than 6 months. (Set your own limits but this is a good guideline)

Have you ever spent countless phone calls or several back and forth emails trying to coordinate schedules with another person?  Perhaps a colleague, friend,   employee or volunteer?  Then you have to check out!!  It allows you to put down the times you are available so everyone can see, add their own times and confirm a date without all the back and forth stress.  It is a true gem for saving time and  making appointments.

Save Time with Google

Google has some great features you may not be aware of that could save you time searching other websites and applications. 

  • Perform Calculations:  just enter your equation  problem in the search field and click “search” 
  • Track flights– enter your airline and flight number 
  • Locate packages- enter “track” plus the tracking # for a direct link to the status page 
  • Look up addresses– type in a phone number and if they are listed, the mailing address will show up 
  • Find movie show times– type “movies” plus your city and zip code to see theaters and show times for the next 3 days 
  • Listen to songs– type the artist and the title of the song and a playable file will appear at the top of the results page   ♦ 425-785-5239 ♦

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Getting Dressed Should Be Easy

When you can’t find something to wear, you run late.  When you just throw something on, you may not look professional or put-together.  Take the time to organize your closet.  Sort and keep only what fits and that you love.  Toss/donate anything else.  Arrange clothes by color and style so you can see what you have in your wardrobe. You may even consider a color scheme such as mostly black, red, beige colored clothes.  Getting dressed, creating outfits and getting out the door will be much easier with an organized closet.

Time Timer

Do you struggle with time management? 

Do you lead or attend meetings at work?

Do you have kids?

Do you give presentations?

There is a great clock on the market that counts down time and displays it at the same time.  This makes it very visually obvious how much time you have left for any given activity.  Great for showing kids how long they need to work on homework.  Great for meetings to keep the agenda on time.  Great for knowing how much time left in your organizing session.

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