Gift Cards and Gift Certificates

Where do you keep your gift cards?  Can you even find them?  Are they expired?  Today I challenge you to locate all of the gift cards and gift certificates you have.  Find out if they are still valid.  Then find a HOME for them, one place you know they will always be and that you can find when you need them.  I recommend putting them in your wallet or car, as that is where you will most likely be using them.   Then treat yourself to something fun with one of your cards.

Watch Out For Sales

People who market products are very smart people!  They get us at the ‘gut’ level where it is hard to say “no”.   Beware of sales.  Don’t be tempted to buy 2 of something because they are 1/2 off.  Also be careful of buying in bulk just because the price seems right.  Clutter is most often times caused by too many items.  

Before buying ANYTHING be sure to ask yourself if you need it, have another one similar, can really afford the item, have space for the item.  It is often a good idea to walk away and make the decision a few minutes later. 

Practice delayed gratification and thinking ahead.

Saving Greeting Cards

A few weeks ago I attended the NAPO conference for Professional Organizers.  They had all sorts of great organizing products!  Here is just one– the Greeting Card Keeper from Card Memories.  It is a binder with acid free sheet protectors that are    specially made to hold your greeting cards. Each binder can hold up to 25 cards and starts at only $10.  Great for Mom’s and Dad’s who need a fun way to store those wonderful cards you will be getting them for Mothers and Fathers day.  Or the perfect gift for a bride or new mother looking to save those precious memories.