Stacey on Oprah

Well not yet- that is why I am emailing you to ask you a favor.  Oprah is casting TV hosts for her new network with an online contest.  I have submitted a video and now all I need is votes (the one with the most votes wins!)  Because of my late entry I only have a week to get votes. Please vote for me again and again- the more the merrier.  And please pass this email to your friends so they can vote for me, too! 

The direct link to my video is:

If that doesn’t work use  and search for Stacey Anderson in the browse for auditions box.   

I would be forever grateful if you vote every day and forward this email with as many people as you can.  Thank you so much – how exciting!  I really appreciate your help!

Saving it for the Kids

Many of my clients mention to me that they are keeping certain items for their kids.  It could be artwork, toys, keepsakes or even furniture.  While this is a super sweet thing to do, make sure you are not passing the burden of clutter to your kids.  Are you just saying that because you can’t part with the item yourself or is it truly useful to your child?  Have you asked your child if he/she really wants the item?  And if your child is out of      college and living on their own– why do you still have their stuff?  They are adults and it is time for them to be in charge of their own items.  But first and foremost be honest with yourself and your child before you decide to keep something “for your kids”. 

Note:  This also applies in a work setting.  Don’t keep things because you think you are  supposed to.  Ask your supervisor what you are responsible for keeping.  Make sure the item is necessary first and then being kept by the correct department or person.

Adjustable Tab Dividers

Staples has some great new dividers with adjustable tabs!  Yes they move wherever you want/need them to.  They have Staples Better Dividers with Sliding tabs and the Better Dividers.  The sliding ones actually slide along the top and side– to any position along the way. (very fun to play with) and the adjustable ones have slots on the top and side that you can move the tab to– again anywhere you need.  Just another way to better organize your papers and be able to see what you have.  Check them out at Staples.   ♦ 425-785-5239 ♦ 

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1 Thing a Day

A toss a day keeps the mess at bay
Every morning we all perform routine jobs such as brush our teeth, make our beds, wake up the kids, etc. Simply add one more chore: toss one thing, whether it is an empty medicine bottle, a pair of worn shoes, a stale-dated food item or a handful of expired coupons. If you toss something every day, in only one year you’ll have 365 fewer things to clutter your home. Do the same thing at the office. On a good day you might even be able to toss a dozen or more things at the same time 

Reprinted from newsletter by Harold Taylor who has AMAZING information and time management tips:   ♦ 425-785-5239 ♦


Are You Addicted to Technology?

  • Do you sleep with your iphone/Blackberry near you?
  • Do you text/email while sitting across the table from someone?
  • Can you work without your email being open?
  • Can you turn the TV/computer off in the evenings and just relax, read– enjoy the night?
  • Does your family/staff text you rather than come talk to you or call you?
  • Do you get headaches, neck pain, sore thumbs at the end of the day?




Take the 1/2 day challenge: 


Reconnect with the world and the people around you by turning off your email, phone, computer, gaming system for 5 straight hours.  See what you can get   accomplished or who you can reconnect with!   ♦ 425-785-5239 ♦ 

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