A Home for Everything

Everything in your home/office should have a home.  It should be labeled and shared with those in that space.  How is it that you can put your toothbrush and silverware in the same place every time you use it, but not your shopping receipts?  Take the time to find a home for everything in your space– don’t over think it, don’t be lazy or stubborn.  Try that home for at least 30 days and if it just doesn’t work for you then adjust.

 Now, what do you need to find a home for?

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Desk Distractions

In order to be productive at work (or at home) you need to have a good, clean desk on which to work.  Consider      eliminating these items from your workspace:

¨ Things you used to like but don’t anymore

¨ Desk “accessories” that aren’t

¨ Excess anything (paper, pens, coffee cups)

¨ Piles (of anything)

¨ Food and drinks

¨ Make-up, lotions, chapstick, etc.

¨ Knick-knacks

¨ Multiple pictures

¨ Office supplies you are hoarding

¨ Books, magazines, reference materials

¨ Bags, purses, containers

¨ Anything that distracts from your overall productivity

 Many of these tips came from Meggin McIntosh: check out her many other great resources at www.meggin.com

Great “Work in Progress” Tool

You have to love Skymall magazine –that is where I found this latest product>>I think it is a real life saver for those who scrapbook or work on art projects.  It allows you to save what you are working on with out messing it all up.  It is basically a portfolio with magnetic, acid free pages that allows your designs to stay in place so you can work on them later. You can learn more by visiting www.arccivo.com and watching the demo video.

* would also be great for projects at work or school/art your children aren’t finished with

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Paper or Electronic?

Pick a side and be proud.  Does the latest in technology scare you or excite you?  Do you carry around your planner proudly or hope that everyone will email you appointment requests?  Do you love the feel of a paper book or the capacity of a Kindle?  

Don’t be afraid to admit you still like paper– it is ok, even in today’s fast paced technological world.  You have to use the organizational tools that work best for your personality.  Know what you like and use it how it best works for you.  Don’t let others, or society, dictate how you get organized.  

Share with people the best way to work with you whether that be paper or electronic communication and scheduling.

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