5 Organizing Myths

1) Only touch paper once (that is truly impossible)

2) If I buy a container I will magically be organized (you have to do the work)

3) Once I create a system it will last forever (it may need updating or tweaking along the way)

4) I don’t have the organizing ‘gene’ so I can’t be  organized (it may take you longer and require more patience but you can do it)

5) Organization is boring and doesn’t allow for creativity (organizing can be fun, colorful and allow for creativity in your space)

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Reasons For a Clean Desk

1. You can get work done

2. You are less distracted and can focus on whatever deserves your focus.

3. Others perceive you as “taking care of business” (whatever that ‘business’ is). 

4. You can find what you’re working on.

5. Your peace of mind increases.

6. Clutter creates chaos and you don’t want a desk that says you are in chaos.

7. An orderly desk is easier to keep clean (physically) when you don’t have to clean around piles and messes.

8. You won’t have to apologize for your workspace.

9. The likelihood of things getting lost or buried decreases dramatically. 

10. When you walk into your office and the desk is neat, clean, and orderly, you feel great! 

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by Meggin McIntosh, Ph.D. | The Ph.D. of Productivity™

People Not Things

Most of you have seen the shows about Hoarding and wonder how they let it get so bad.  Often ‘stuff’ is easier to have and relate to than people and relationships.  ’Stuff’ isn’t difficult, hurtful or time consuming.  Make sure to make room in your life and your home for the people that you love and have friendships with.  It is important to put people first.  Make the time to make those connections strong.  Life isn’t about the ‘stuff’ or getting organized, it is about the relationships we have.  Tidy your space so your home welcomes the people you love and want to have in your life. 

(oh yea and get off the Blackberry at the dinner table and take time to talk with those right there in person) ☺

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Proper Packing

I am sure many of you have received packing tips:  roll your clothes, stuff your shoes, use tissue paper between the layers to prevent wrinkles.  It really does pay to pack properly– especially with today’s baggage rates and   limits.  Consider taking a packing class from AAA or your local travel agent.  I HIGHLY recommend using packing cubes.  I can’t live without mine.  They not only allow you to pack more in a suitcase, but you can access what you need easier because each cube contains specific items (ex: shirts).  Consider Rick Steve’s Packing Cubes or the Eagle Creek Pack-its.  I just returned from a safari in  Africa where packing well was a crucial part of  enjoying my trip!

 Happy Packing!  Enjoy your next trip!

Ziploc Container

Here is a great way to literally think outside the box.  Ziploc has come out with a new food container that has divided sections.  Yes great for your sandwich and chips, I agree.  But also great for: 

  • crafts
  • art supplies
  • sewing kit
  • hair clips
  • office supplies
  • drawer organizers
  • nuts, bolts, screws, nails, etc.  

Remember we can often use items for other than they are intended.  Check them out:  www.ziploc.com