Proper Packing

I am sure many of you have received packing tips:  roll your clothes, stuff your shoes, use tissue paper between the layers to prevent wrinkles.  It really does pay to pack properly– especially with today’s baggage rates and   limits.  Consider taking a packing class from AAA or your local travel agent.  I HIGHLY recommend using packing cubes.  I can’t live without mine.  They not only allow you to pack more in a suitcase, but you can access what you need easier because each cube contains specific items (ex: shirts).  Consider Rick Steve’s Packing Cubes or the Eagle Creek Pack-its.  I just returned from a safari in  Africa where packing well was a crucial part of  enjoying my trip!

 Happy Packing!  Enjoy your next trip!


One thought on “Proper Packing

  1. Stacey,
    I used these packing cubes for the first time when my oldest child and I traveled to the east coast. They were great. They saved room and made it easy for me to find things. for someone who takes forever to get dressed, this was a lot of help. Thanks for the tip.

    Also, thank you for your recent help in organizing my photos. I feel I can breathe again and use my desk top. Your great!

    Marlene of Bellevue

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