Why Are You Really Keeping It?

My mother is now a proud Grandma.  In a few short weeks her grand-daughter is coming for a visit and my mom was shopping for some toys at the store.  I said to her, “What about all my old toys in the basement she could have those.”  Her reply, “ Those are all old and dirty, I want to get new ones.”  While I don’t disagree the question begs, why have we been keeping my toys stored in the basement for 30 years?  (I love you Mom)

Sure I am partly giving my mom a hard time, but we often keep things “because we might need them” or “so-and-so may want them”.  Yet when the time comes along they are out-dated,  destroyed, gross or just plain not relevant any more.  Make sure you ASK the person you are saving things for if they will want/use them.  And really think it through.  This can apply at home or work with such things as: magazines, books, reference materials, journals, conference books, old equipment, artwork, toys, clothes, furniture and more.

For example—many of you save furniture for your college kids.  With the money/time/effort it cost to store the furniture all those years wouldn’t you be better off just buying them some great used furniture when they need it?  Food for thought…..


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