Holiday Organizing Help

‘Tis the season to be stressed out!  But let me help.  

Are you struggling with time management for the holidays?  

Do you want the house to be organized before your relatives come over? 

This time of year can be difficult and I want to help.  Understanding you may not have time for a one-on-one organizing session, I am offering Phone or Skype organizing sessions at a deep  discount: only $40 for an hour during the month of December!!!  If you are interested in booking a Phone or Skype session simply call me at 425-785-5239 or email me at                                

#4: Contain Items as Much as Possible

There is an entire store based in this concept: The Container Store!  Even a junk drawer can look better if you use simple drawer organizers to divide the stuff inside.  Containing items makes them easier to find, easier to access and easier to label.  Remember to choose a container that works for your space, is easy to access and that you like.  Don’t just buy a container because it is on sale or looks pretty.  It needs to     function in your space for the purpose you have in mind.  Remember to measure your space and the items you need to store inside before you go to the store.  And remember to leave room in the container for more items.

#3: Set Limits- 1 in 1 out

Many of you have seen the shows about Hoarding and thought you are not that bad.  But trust me, if you continue to bring items into your home/office and don’t take anything out…. soon you will have a gigantic mess.  BEFORE you purchase items– set limits for how many you will keep in your space.  Stick to these limits.  This includes paper– when you put something in the file, take the old one out.  Remember you want on the most current, most used, most loved items in your space.  Setting limits will help you and others in your space to know the rules. Try getting rid of an item each time you bring a new one in > 1 in 1 out.

#2: Put Things Back- Create The Habit

Now that you have a home established for everything the next step is to actually put the items away in their homes.  Don’t wait for later or “when you have time” clean up as you go.  It is much easier to do a small amount as you go than to wait for a large clean up later on.  If you create the habit of putting things away where they belong, finding them when you need them becomes much easier!

#1: Have A Home For Everything

Make sure that each item in your home/office has a specific home that is labeled and shared with others around you.  Nothing else should be put in that home.  Don’t get lazy and put something in the empty space.  Take the time to put things where they belong.  If you have a home for everything then putting things back is much simpler.  If you change the home, make sure to let others know.  Step one is to find specific homes for everything you have.  (Great time to get rid of things if you don’t have room for everything.)  Again be sure to label and share that home.