It’s OK to Say “NO”

Part of what causes us to be behind in our filing and organizing is a lack of time.  Learning to say “NO” can help.  There is only so much time in a day; decide what is important to you and stick with that.  You may need to say “no” to make time for what you ‘need’ to do rather than what you ‘want’ to do.  People will respect you more for saying “no”, rather than being late and disorganized on the project they needed help with.

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Desktop Timer for Your Computer

Are work tasks taking forever?  Do you lose track of time and end up getting nothing done?  Try this downloadable timer for your computer.  It is a great timer or stopwatch.  Try these 2 tasks: 

1) time yourself the next time you are working on something to see how long it actually took you to complete

2) set the timer for say 20 minutes and check in with your progress when time is up– great for power focusing on tasks

When your time is up it will either play a noise, close an   application, open an application, etc. It’s a simple download that runs in the background.  Great for increasing  productivity!  Give it a try:

The Perfect Home – or Just a Home?

On of my 10 secrets to getting and staying organized was to find a home for everything.  But I realized that many times you are trying to find the ‘perfect’ home.  Where does it make the most sense?  Is that really the best place for it?  I would say it doesn’t really mater WHERE the home is as long it is the same place you put the item EVERY single time.  The other day I went to use something and realized I keep it in the cupboard above the refrigerator.  Where does it really belong? >> In the office!  Yet for 10+ years I have   always kept it in that cupboard.  Even though it makes      absolutely no sense at all, it works.  It is the home I use every time and know where to look for it there.  Don’t worry so much about the perfect place to put things, but rather that you make it habit to use that home every time.

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