5 Minute Tasks (Part 1)

If you have 5 minutes:

  • Check your voicemail
  • Move some random files on your computer desktop to the correct folders
  • Refold your sweaters and stack them by color
  • Water the plants and wipe dusty leaves with a damp    paper towel
  • Sew on a button
  • Pitch 3 old items from the fridge
  • Put to-be-donated clothes in a bag by door  
  • Untangle a necklace
  • Cancel 1 appointment you just really don’t want to keep
  • Find that evening bag, scarf or top that got lost in the closet
  • Test pens or markers and toss dead ones
  • Arrange your hangers so they all face the same way
  • Pick up 5 things and put them where they belong
  • Was the dog’s bowl
  • Clear off the top of the fridge
  • Remove gum wrappers, receipts and ATM slips from your wallet

[These tips are from the Real Simple Magazine January 2011 issue, page 98]

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