Turn Off Your Email Alert/Notification

Turn off the email notifications and alerts on your cell phone and computer.  Why?  Because every time that bell rings it is a distraction.  Did you know it takes 16 minutes to get back to what you were doing after a distraction?  Think about how many times that alert goes off during the day and how much more you would get done if you weren’t distracted.  I have a client who recently did this and says it is the best thing she has done.  You can still check your email whenever you want.  Just turn off the notification so that you continue to work and get things done, checking email when it is convenient for you rather than the minute someone emails you.  Because let’s face it– not that many emails need our immediate attention.

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Life Off the Grid

Here is your challenge:  One full day (24hrs) off the grid.  Turn off your cell phone, computer, TV, video games– all things electronic.  (It can be a weekend day) 

Just one day– you can do it! ☺ It is like hitting the reset button your life. Imagine just one day that no one can reach you, you can do whatever you want, when you want without external things driving you.  

Trust me, I do this when I take my family vacation to a cabin in Eastern  Washington each year. Things are still there when I get back to the grind and nothing bad happens. 

Try it and let me know how you survive.  If you survive, you should do it with your entire family.

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Your Stuff or Your Life?

What is more important: your “stuff” or your life?  You are most likely to say your life (family, relationships, friends, etc.)  Yet many of us have seen the shows about Hoarders and see that sometimes the stuff becomes the focus.  Family, and even themselves, come second.  How does that happen?  Here’s how! 

I noticed on the TV there was a recall for a fan.  I bought a fan at the end of last summer.  Turns out to be the one on  recall.  I am too nervous to get the replacement part (it has already burned several houses down) and yet I think to myself > “I spent good money on that and only used it twice… I can’t throw it away.”  Well what the heck am I   going to do with it?  I know I don’t want to use it for fear of a fire, I know I don’t want the repair kit– so the only option is to keep it forever as a paperweight in the garage or toss it.  Why is this such a tough decision?  Because I spent money on it and barely used it…. not so hard to understand those who have too much stuff (like the Hoarders on TV). 

But my LIFE is more important >> so the fan is going in the trash.  What do you need to throw in the trash?