Put it Away— Ready to Use Again/Completed

Isn’t it frustrating when you take something out to use it and it isn’t ready to go?  Makes you not want to use it right?  Try putting things away completely done and ready to use for the next time. 


  •  after you have company wash the sheets right away so the bed is clean now, rather than having to rush to wash them before company arrives again
  • when putting away seasonal clothes makes sure they are clean and ready to be pulled out next season
  • done with your camping gear?  Stock your supplies, wash  items and make sure the whole kit is ready to go when you need it
  • don’t put bottles back empty– make sure to mark them on your grocery list and restock them
  • batteries dead in something?  Don’t just put it back,    replace the batteries first
  • don’t put items away that are expired—get new ones or toss them, but don’t just put them back
  • know something doesn’t fit you?  Donate it, don’t put it back in your closet
  • pen out of ink?  toss it, don’t put it back in the drawer

Process Your Mail

When opening your email or your regular mail it is important to actually process it.  Not simply open it and put it back.  Take the time to process it– delete/toss what you can right away and then deal with what is left.  Otherwise you end up with a full inbox on your desk or in your computer that is   going to take forever to sort through.  It takes less time to process your mail when you receive it than waiting for ‘later’. (Because have you noticed ’later’ never comes!)

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