Explanation of Benefits

With my recent knee surgery I will be sure to get a ton of medical paperwork including bills and Explanation of Benefits sheets.  People often wonder how long to keep the paperwork.  Once you pay the bill you can shred it, but I like to keep mine for a year to make sure there aren’t any issues with payment.  Explanation of Benefit forms are just that—they tell you where you are with your benefits through the insurance company.  Again, you can read them and shred them, but I like to keep mine for a year to again make sure there are no mistakes or payment concerns.  I think for regular doctor visits, keeping the paperwork may be less important but if you have any major issues it is important to READ the    paperwork and keep it for reference.  Remember is it important to actually look over the paperwork first to see what it is before filing it away.


One thought on “Explanation of Benefits

  1. See my blog “Who’s billing what to your health insurance”, at thoughtstomull.wordpress.com.
    Those EOBs will make you think!

    Janet (cuhome)

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