Cosmetics Don’t Last Forever

You have that favorite lipstick that you have been using  forever– or that powder you have had for years.  But did you know that make-up expires and can actually be dangerous to use?  Make sure to date your make-up so that you know exactly when you started using it.  Use a marker or a label to mark when you started using the product so that you know how long you have really had it.  Below is a sample list of expiration dates I found online for you to reference.

Oil-free foundation: 1 year
Cream or compact foundation: 18 months
Concealer: 12-18 months
Powder: 2 years
Blush and bronzer: 2 years
Cream blush: 12-18 months
Powder eyeshadow: 2 years
Cream eyeshadow: 12-18 months
Eyeliner: 2 years
Liquid eyeliner: 3-6 months
Mascara: 3 months
Lipstick: 2 years
Lip liner: 2 years
Lip gloss: 18-24 months
Nail color: 1 year

Computer Clean Out

My laptop recently crashed (so much fun) and I had to reinstall the operating system.  In doing that I had to reinstall all of my software programs onto the computer.  While I was looking for the software discs I found some really old ones.

Take the time today to go through your computer ‘stuff’ – software, old boxes, cable cords, cd’s and flash drives—- toss everything that is old or that you have no idea what it belongs to. 

And while you’re at it– take a peek at your computer: what old programs or files do you have on it that you can delete?

Desk Tips Part 2

Last weeks “Tip of the Week” motivated a friend to get her desk in order.  But she emailed to say, “Help I don’t know where to start!”  I told her that it can be overwhelming to look at the entire desk.  So: 

#1:  Take everything and put it in one big pile so things are not spread out everywhere.  (her actual picture)

#2:  Start with the very first thing on the pile and take action on it.  Then take the next thing and take action on it.  Just work your way down the pile.  Don’t pick and choose, just work on whatever is next. 

It may take time, but you will get it done.  Sometimes the hardest part is just doing it! 

Good Luck! 


Your Desk – Tips for Home or Work

A desk is a place to get work done, not just to store your “stuff”.  Raise your computer monitor off the desk with a shelf or monitor riser to give added room.  Only store the necessary items on your desk: stapler, pens, tape, in/out box, phone and the like.  Files, books, magazines and reference materials should be filed in drawers or proper shelving.  Knicknacks should be kept to a bare minimum, remember you are there to work. Take the time to tame  electrical cords so that you have a clean workspace near your feet and desktop.  Extra office supplies should not take up space on your desk– find a drawer or cabinet to contain them.  For extra storage and space consider wall shelves.


Organizing with 3×5 Cards

To-do lists are tough to deal with aren’t they?  Your list  may become too long, or too messy.  It’s hard to read and hard to actually do anything.  You may want to try using 3×5 index cards to make your lists instead of a sheet of paper.  That way, when you are done with something you simply throw the card away with that single task on it.  It is easier to deal with and super fun to crumple up and toss!

One way to organize the cards is with a 3×5 note card bleachers at