Technology is Supposed to Help

Do you use the latest and greatest technology only to find it makes things worse?  Does it slow you down, frustrate you, cause you to scream?  Tools/technology are meant to help and if they don’t- stop using them.  We feel pressured in today’s world to keep up with the times– forced to update and get the latest version.  If the current version is working for you then stay with it.  Why make things more complicated than they need to be?  Do you do online billing only to get the paper statement sent to you?  Go back to paper billing.  Remember it is ok to stay with what you know and what is working.

 Personal note:  I still use a paper calendar—I tried to use an online or electronic calendar but it was crazy hard for me.  So I use my 8×11 huge, paper calendar and you know what?  Works great!  ☺



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