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Saving Greeting Cards

With Christmas coming up I think it is the perfect time to feature this great product: the Greeting Card Keeper from Card Memories.  It is a binder with acid free sheet protectors that are specially made to hold your greeting cards. Each binder can hold up to 25 cards and starts at only $10.  Not only is this great for Holiday cards, but  for Mom’s and Dad’s who need a fun way to store those  wonderful cards you will be getting them for Mothers and Fathers day.  Or the perfect gift for a bride or new mother looking to save those precious memories.


Clean/Organize Your Fridge and Freezer

When was the last time you cleaned out your freezer or fridge?  I mean pulled out that mysterious package from the very, very back?  The end of the year is a great time to clean out your fridge, freezer and pantry.  Toss anything that is outdated or you can’t identify.  Consider putting things back in groups (meats, breads, soups, vegetables, etc.)  I recommend taking a pen and marking the date on items for both fridge and freezer.  Even though you think it was just a few months ago, you would be surprised at how long it really has been in there.


Know your biological organizing clock

Since we just turned our clocks back, I thought it would be a good time to get in touch with our own biological “organizing” clocks! 

Are you the person in the gym at 6am every morning or the person who is typing emails at midnight?  When you work on an organizing project make sure to do it when you are most energized and willing to do a project.  If you work best in the early morning don’t wait until late afternoon to start organizing or you will get tired, frustrated and more apt to give up and feel defeated.

5 Minute Tasks (Part 1)

If you have 5 minutes:

  • Check your voicemail
  • Move some random files on your computer desktop to the correct folders
  • Refold your sweaters and stack them by color
  • Water the plants and wipe dusty leaves with a damp    paper towel
  • Sew on a button
  • Pitch 3 old items from the fridge
  • Put to-be-donated clothes in a bag by door  
  • Untangle a necklace
  • Cancel 1 appointment you just really don’t want to keep
  • Find that evening bag, scarf or top that got lost in the closet
  • Test pens or markers and toss dead ones
  • Arrange your hangers so they all face the same way
  • Pick up 5 things and put them where they belong
  • Was the dog’s bowl
  • Clear off the top of the fridge
  • Remove gum wrappers, receipts and ATM slips from your wallet

[These tips are from the Real Simple Magazine January 2011 issue, page 98]

#9: Reward Yourself

This is my favorite secret to getting and staying  organized.  If you spend all day, or even 30 minutes, organizing and it is a miserable experience you won’t want to do it again.  But after your hard work, if you reward yourself, you are more likely to want to do it again.  Make organizing a positive experience!   Reward yourself with something fun– a walk, a bath, reading a book, phone call with friends, new pair of shoes, ice cream– whatever makes you happy!