Product Spotlight: Freedom Filer



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Proper Packing

I am sure many of you have received packing tips:  roll your clothes, stuff your shoes, use tissue paper between the layers to prevent wrinkles.  It really does pay to pack properly– especially with today’s baggage rates and   limits.  Consider taking a packing class from AAA or your local travel agent.  I HIGHLY recommend using packing cubes.  I can’t live without mine.  They not only allow you to pack more in a suitcase, but you can access what you need easier because each cube contains specific items (ex: shirts).  Consider Rick Steve’s Packing Cubes or the Eagle Creek Pack-its.  Make your Holiday travels easier, pack your pack efficiently and enjoy the trip

Saving Greeting Cards

With Christmas coming up I think it is the perfect time to feature this great product: the Greeting Card Keeper from Card Memories.  It is a binder with acid free sheet protectors that are specially made to hold your greeting cards. Each binder can hold up to 25 cards and starts at only $10.  Not only is this great for Holiday cards, but  for Mom’s and Dad’s who need a fun way to store those  wonderful cards you will be getting them for Mothers and Fathers day.  Or the perfect gift for a bride or new mother looking to save those precious memories.


It is OK to say “NO”

Part of what causes us to be behind in our filing and organizing is a lack of time.  Learning to say “NO” can help.  There is only so much time in a day; decide what is important to you and stick with that.  You may need to say “no” to make time for what you ‘need’ to do rather than what you ‘want’ to do.  People will respect you more for saying “no”, rather than being late and disorganized on the project they needed help with.


Clean/Organize Your Fridge and Freezer

When was the last time you cleaned out your freezer or fridge?  I mean pulled out that mysterious package from the very, very back?  The end of the year is a great time to clean out your fridge, freezer and pantry.  Toss anything that is outdated or you can’t identify.  Consider putting things back in groups (meats, breads, soups, vegetables, etc.)  I recommend taking a pen and marking the date on items for both fridge and freezer.  Even though you think it was just a few months ago, you would be surprised at how long it really has been in there.


Hooks, Hooks Everywhere

Not quite sure how to solve your organizing dilemma but it is driving you nuts?  Hang a hook or two to get started.   Hooks are a great way to get things off of the floor.  They can be used as a permanent solution, or as a temporary one until you have a chance to figure out what you want in that space.

Great for things like:

 ▪purses                            ▪hats                                       ▪belts

▪clothes                          ▪dry cleaning                         ▪ties

▪kids backpacks             ▪sports equipment             ▪jewelry