The Perfect Home – or Just a Home?

On of my 10 secrets to getting and staying organized was to find a home for everything.  But I realized that many times you are trying to find the ‘perfect’ home.  Where does it make the most sense?  Is that really the best place for it?  I would say it doesn’t really mater WHERE the home is as long it is the same place you put the item EVERY single time.  The other day I went to use something and realized I keep it in the cupboard above the refrigerator.  Where does it really belong? >> In the office!  Yet for 10+ years I have   always kept it in that cupboard.  Even though it makes      absolutely no sense at all, it works.  It is the home I use every time and know where to look for it there.  Don’t worry so much about the perfect place to put things, but rather that you make it habit to use that home every time.

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10 Secrets to Getting and Staying Organized

10 Secrets to Getting and Staying Organized:

 1: Have a home for everything

2: Put things back– create the habit

3: Set limits– 1 in 1 out

4: Contain items

5: Small steps = large gains

6: Keep 1 small spot organized at all times

7: Do it NOW!

8: Follow through completely, every time

9: Reward yourself

10: Make adjustments as needed   ♦ 425-785-5239 ♦

#10: Make Adjustments as Needed

The key to getting and staying organized is to realize that clutter, paper, emails, laundry and the like will always be there.  Your system will often need updating and readjusting.  But if you follow the previous 9 steps you will have to less of that to do in the long run. Organizing isn’t a “once and done”   situation unfortunately.  Don’t feel unsuccessful if things aren’t working, realize instead that you need to tweak something .  If you follow the 10 Secrets, continue to adjust your system and think positive I know you can get and stay organized.  It is possible for anyone this I know for sure!

#9: Reward Yourself

This is my favorite secret to getting and staying  organized.  If you spend all day, or even 30 minutes, organizing and it is a miserable experience you won’t want to do it again.  But after your hard work, if you reward yourself, you are more likely to want to do it again.  Make organizing a positive experience!   Reward yourself with something fun– a walk, a bath, reading a book, phone call with friends, new pair of shoes, ice cream– whatever makes you happy!

#8: Follow Through Completely

How many times have you gotten to the end of a    project or task and not completed it all the way?  Often times we get close to done and then stop, but we don’t seem to finish all the way.  Make it your goal this week to finish everything completely!  It is the little bits and pieces of projects just hanging out that tend to add the most stress to our organizing.  Don’t start   anything new until you have finished the current task completely.  Even if it means waiting to hear back from someone, running to the store or putting in the extra time.  You will feel so much better when you know the task is done all the way!   ♦ 425-785-5239 ♦

#7: Do it NOW!

Later never comes.  We put off even the smallest of tasks for “later” and then it becomes a daunting duty.  Simply tackling the task right away makes it much easier in the long run.  Put that item away, read and respond to that email, make a decision now rather than later.  What are you waiting for?  Do it NOW! 

**    I personally think this is the KEY to getting

and staying organized

#6: Keep 1 Small Spot Organized- Always

Find a spot in your home or office and organize it.  Now make it your life’s mission to keep that one small spot clean and organized at all times.  Don’t worry about anywhere else, just that one spot.  You know what happens?  You gain confidence and feel successful and that makes you want to organize another area.  Remember our last tip: small steps equal large gains.  Don’t feel you have to keep an entire area organized> too much pressure.  Just work on that one spot until you have the skills, the time and the success.  Then move to another spot when you know you can maintain.  And as your organizing remember the other tips—having a home, creating the habit, set limits, contain items, etc.  You can do it I know you can, just focus on that one small spot~