Getting Dressed Should Be Easy

When you can’t find something to wear, you run late.  When you just throw something on, you may not look professional or put-together.  Take the time to organize your closet.  Sort and keep only what fits and that you love.  Toss/donate anything else.  Arrange clothes by color and style so you can see what you have in your wardrobe. You may even consider a color scheme such as mostly black, red, beige colored clothes.  Getting dressed, creating outfits and getting out the door will be much easier with an organized closet.

Clothes Storage Tips from Good Housekeeping Magazine

seasonal-clothes The sun is FINALLY out here in Seattle so I am hopeful that Spring will actually arrive.  I thought you might want some helpful hints if you are changing out your seasonal clothes. 

But remember– don’t just store items away.  Take a moment to actually look at them:  Do they fit?  Are they still in      fashion?  Are they torn or faded?  Do you actually like the item?  When was the last time you wore them? 

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