Why Are You Really Keeping It?

My mother is now a proud Grandma.  In a few short weeks her grand-daughter is coming for a visit and my mom was shopping for some toys at the store.  I said to her, “What about all my old toys in the basement she could have those.”  Her reply, “ Those are all old and dirty, I want to get new ones.”  While I don’t disagree the question begs, why have we been keeping my toys stored in the basement for 30 years?  (I love you Mom)

Sure I am partly giving my mom a hard time, but we often keep things “because we might need them” or “so-and-so may want them”.  Yet when the time comes along they are out-dated,  destroyed, gross or just plain not relevant any more.  Make sure you ASK the person you are saving things for if they will want/use them.  And really think it through.  This can apply at home or work with such things as: magazines, books, reference materials, journals, conference books, old equipment, artwork, toys, clothes, furniture and more.

For example—many of you save furniture for your college kids.  With the money/time/effort it cost to store the furniture all those years wouldn’t you be better off just buying them some great used furniture when they need it?  Food for thought…..

Start With 50

There is a book that recently came out called:  “Throw Out Fifty Things” (by Gail Blanke) It talks about tossing just 50 things and includes everything from mental clutter, such as regret, to general clutter such as old make-up. 

 Can you find 50 things to throw out in your home?   Your car?  Your motorhome?  Your mind?  Your emotional baggage?  

Clearing out the clutter allows you to enjoy life and have more time to do what is really important.

 Take time today to TOSS YOUR 50!