Desk Tips Part 2

Last weeks “Tip of the Week” motivated a friend to get her desk in order.  But she emailed to say, “Help I don’t know where to start!”  I told her that it can be overwhelming to look at the entire desk.  So: 

#1:  Take everything and put it in one big pile so things are not spread out everywhere.  (her actual picture)

#2:  Start with the very first thing on the pile and take action on it.  Then take the next thing and take action on it.  Just work your way down the pile.  Don’t pick and choose, just work on whatever is next. 

It may take time, but you will get it done.  Sometimes the hardest part is just doing it! 

Good Luck! 


Your Desk – Tips for Home or Work

A desk is a place to get work done, not just to store your “stuff”.  Raise your computer monitor off the desk with a shelf or monitor riser to give added room.  Only store the necessary items on your desk: stapler, pens, tape, in/out box, phone and the like.  Files, books, magazines and reference materials should be filed in drawers or proper shelving.  Knicknacks should be kept to a bare minimum, remember you are there to work. Take the time to tame  electrical cords so that you have a clean workspace near your feet and desktop.  Extra office supplies should not take up space on your desk– find a drawer or cabinet to contain them.  For extra storage and space consider wall shelves.


Reasons For a Clean Desk

1. You can get work done

2. You are less distracted and can focus on whatever deserves your focus.

3. Others perceive you as “taking care of business” (whatever that ‘business’ is). 

4. You can find what you’re working on.

5. Your peace of mind increases.

6. Clutter creates chaos and you don’t want a desk that says you are in chaos.

7. An orderly desk is easier to keep clean (physically) when you don’t have to clean around piles and messes.

8. You won’t have to apologize for your workspace.

9. The likelihood of things getting lost or buried decreases dramatically. 

10. When you walk into your office and the desk is neat, clean, and orderly, you feel great! 


by Meggin McIntosh, Ph.D. | The Ph.D. of Productivity™

Desk Distractions

In order to be productive at work (or at home) you need to have a good, clean desk on which to work.  Consider      eliminating these items from your workspace:

¨ Things you used to like but don’t anymore

¨ Desk “accessories” that aren’t

¨ Excess anything (paper, pens, coffee cups)

¨ Piles (of anything)

¨ Food and drinks

¨ Make-up, lotions, chapstick, etc.

¨ Knick-knacks

¨ Multiple pictures

¨ Office supplies you are hoarding

¨ Books, magazines, reference materials

¨ Bags, purses, containers

¨ Anything that distracts from your overall productivity

 Many of these tips came from Meggin McIntosh: check out her many other great resources at

Multi-Use Furniture


This is a desk from Crate and Barrel (called Convertible Compact Desk) that is a file cabinet, desk and storage unit all in one.  When you can, try to find furniture and storage pieces that can serve multiple functions.  It will make getting organized that much easier– especially when working with smaller spaces.