File Purge Time

January starts a new year and you should think about starting a new filing system if yours isn’t working for you!  Why fight it another year?  Why struggle to find what you need for taxes in April?  Take the time now to set up a system that will work all year long.  First purge your files and only keep what you really need.  Then set up file names that make sense (remember less categories the better).  Then set up a regular filing schedule to make sure you are putting things away.  If you need help feel free to call me or check out the Freedom Filer– it has pre-printed labels that make the work easy!

Comment from a Tip of the Week reader: 

Stacey, Just wanted to let you know that I took your advise and purchased the Freedom Filer system.  WOW!  It was so worth taking the time to  reorganize.  I found missing documents and now I know where everything is.   ♦ 425-785-5239 ♦

End of the Year File Clean-Out

It is the end of the year and time to clean out your files so they are not packed full for next year.  

1. Do one file at a time– go completely through it to decide what you need to toss, keep, shred. Make sure to go through every file you have.

2. If you do NOT write it off on your taxes you can toss/shred (confirm with your accounting professional.)

3. If you do need to keep it, you will need to keep for 3-7yrs for tax audits.  Take   everything out of the current file.  Use an envelope or plastic bin to contain the papers.  Mark them “2009”.  Get a box and put the paperwork inside.  Mark “2009” on the outside of the box.  Put the box in the garage or somewhere away from your current filing system.

You should have empty or near empty file folders left.  If you need a new folder made, this is the time to make it.

Doing this now will make next years filing  SO much easier!

Rack It File

rack if fileI have been wanting to share this great product with you:  the Rack it File.  The company is based in Canada, but Storables is now selling this product in the US.  You simply mount the side brackets to the wall with screws and you can hang your file folders.  I have one in my office and love it because I can store those important files that I don’t want– out of sight out of mind.  It makes for quick access, but doesn’t clutter my desk with files and is not in a drawer where I can’t see them.   ♦ 425-785-5239 ♦

Freedom Filer

 Tired of trying to do your filing system yourself?  You may want to try  Freedom Filer.  It is a label system that is color coded and tells you how long and where to keep whatever it is you need to file.  It comes with very simple instruction sheets on how to use the labels and even helps you to purge the system based on a schedule. 


Click here to learn more!


The website has a lot of information including a great video showing how the system works.