File Purge Time

January starts a new year and you should think about starting a new filing system if yours isn’t working for you!  Why fight it another year?  Why struggle to find what you need for taxes in April?  Take the time now to set up a system that will work all year long.  First purge your files and only keep what you really need.  Then set up file names that make sense (remember less categories the better).  Then set up a regular filing schedule to make sure you are putting things away.  If you need help feel free to call me or check out the Freedom Filer– it has pre-printed labels that make the work easy!

Comment from a Tip of the Week reader: 

Stacey, Just wanted to let you know that I took your advise and purchased the Freedom Filer system.  WOW!  It was so worth taking the time to  reorganize.  I found missing documents and now I know where everything is.   ♦ 425-785-5239 ♦