Reasons For a Clean Desk

1. You can get work done

2. You are less distracted and can focus on whatever deserves your focus.

3. Others perceive you as “taking care of business” (whatever that ‘business’ is). 

4. You can find what you’re working on.

5. Your peace of mind increases.

6. Clutter creates chaos and you don’t want a desk that says you are in chaos.

7. An orderly desk is easier to keep clean (physically) when you don’t have to clean around piles and messes.

8. You won’t have to apologize for your workspace.

9. The likelihood of things getting lost or buried decreases dramatically. 

10. When you walk into your office and the desk is neat, clean, and orderly, you feel great! 


by Meggin McIntosh, Ph.D. | The Ph.D. of Productivity™

A Home for Everything

Everything in your home/office should have a home.  It should be labeled and shared with those in that space.  How is it that you can put your toothbrush and silverware in the same place every time you use it, but not your shopping receipts?  Take the time to find a home for everything in your space– don’t over think it, don’t be lazy or stubborn.  Try that home for at least 30 days and if it just doesn’t work for you then adjust.

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1 Thing a Day

A toss a day keeps the mess at bay
Every morning we all perform routine jobs such as brush our teeth, make our beds, wake up the kids, etc. Simply add one more chore: toss one thing, whether it is an empty medicine bottle, a pair of worn shoes, a stale-dated food item or a handful of expired coupons. If you toss something every day, in only one year you’ll have 365 fewer things to clutter your home. Do the same thing at the office. On a good day you might even be able to toss a dozen or more things at the same time 

Reprinted from newsletter by Harold Taylor who has AMAZING information and time management tips:   ♦ 425-785-5239 ♦