Gift Cards and Gift Certificates

Where do you keep your gift cards?  Can you even find them?  Are they expired?  Today I challenge you to locate all of the gift cards and gift certificates you have.  Find out if they are still valid.  Then find a HOME for them, one place you know they will always be and that you can find when you need them.  I recommend putting them in your wallet or car, as that is where you will most likely be using them.   Then treat yourself to something fun with one of your cards.

Gift Certificates Are Available!


Gift Certificates are available!!!

Today thru Dec. 19– purchase an organizing session gift certificate and receive $30 OFF!

Do you want to give the gift of time and help for the holidays?  Now would be a great time to provide them with an organizing certificate.  Let them know how much you appreciate all that they do during the day and offer them help to make things easier for them.