Great Holiday Gift Idea

Need a great gift idea for the holidays?

How about a gift certificate for Professional Organizing?  Give your loved one the help they want to clear out the clutter and start the New Year off right!  Or how about a great book:   Get Organized: Get Revitalized!   ♦ 425-785-5239 ♦



Unique (Clutter Free) Gifts


 Need to purchase a gift for someone but don’t want it to end up as clutter in their home or office?  Consider getting them a item that will be used and tossed…. consumable.  

Food: fun or practical

Services:  Professional Organizer, housekeeper, lawn care, pet care

Charitable contribution in their name

Personalized Postage stamps

Put money towards their bills: utility, mortgage, cell phone

Event tickets: sports, concerts, museum, zoo, cooking classes

Practical:  oil change, car wash, grocery gift card

Not Practical– but SO Fun:  manicure, massage, facial, lottery tickets