Your Desk – Tips for Home or Work

A desk is a place to get work done, not just to store your “stuff”.  Raise your computer monitor off the desk with a shelf or monitor riser to give added room.  Only store the necessary items on your desk: stapler, pens, tape, in/out box, phone and the like.  Files, books, magazines and reference materials should be filed in drawers or proper shelving.  Knicknacks should be kept to a bare minimum, remember you are there to work. Take the time to tame  electrical cords so that you have a clean workspace near your feet and desktop.  Extra office supplies should not take up space on your desk– find a drawer or cabinet to contain them.  For extra storage and space consider wall shelves.


The Perfect Home – or Just a Home?

On of my 10 secrets to getting and staying organized was to find a home for everything.  But I realized that many times you are trying to find the ‘perfect’ home.  Where does it make the most sense?  Is that really the best place for it?  I would say it doesn’t really mater WHERE the home is as long it is the same place you put the item EVERY single time.  The other day I went to use something and realized I keep it in the cupboard above the refrigerator.  Where does it really belong? >> In the office!  Yet for 10+ years I have   always kept it in that cupboard.  Even though it makes      absolutely no sense at all, it works.  It is the home I use every time and know where to look for it there.  Don’t worry so much about the perfect place to put things, but rather that you make it habit to use that home every time.

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A Home for Everything

Everything in your home/office should have a home.  It should be labeled and shared with those in that space.  How is it that you can put your toothbrush and silverware in the same place every time you use it, but not your shopping receipts?  Take the time to find a home for everything in your space– don’t over think it, don’t be lazy or stubborn.  Try that home for at least 30 days and if it just doesn’t work for you then adjust.

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