Saving it for the Kids

Many of my clients mention to me that they are keeping certain items for their kids.  It could be artwork, toys, keepsakes or even furniture.  While this is a super sweet thing to do, make sure you are not passing the burden of clutter to your kids.  Are you just saying that because you can’t part with the item yourself or is it truly useful to your child?  Have you asked your child if he/she really wants the item?  And if your child is out of      college and living on their own– why do you still have their stuff?  They are adults and it is time for them to be in charge of their own items.  But first and foremost be honest with yourself and your child before you decide to keep something “for your kids”. 

Note:  This also applies in a work setting.  Don’t keep things because you think you are  supposed to.  Ask your supervisor what you are responsible for keeping.  Make sure the item is necessary first and then being kept by the correct department or person.

Teach Your Kids to Donate


Start as early as you can to teach your kids the value of donating.  After you have completed an organizing session or have cleaned their room, take them with you to the donation center.  They will be able to see the whole process and trust that items are going to someone in need, rather than just feeling like you wanted to have them clean their room.   

** I don’t recommend ‘ambush’ organizing your children’s space.  Meaning to go through with a garbage sack and taking out what you don’t think they need.  This may actually cause them to hoard more and have issues with getting organized. Make sure they are involved in the process.