Process Your Mail

When opening your email or your regular mail it is important to actually process it.  Not simply open it and put it back.  Take the time to process it– delete/toss what you can right away and then deal with what is left.  Otherwise you end up with a full inbox on your desk or in your computer that is   going to take forever to sort through.  It takes less time to process your mail when you receive it than waiting for ‘later’. (Because have you noticed ’later’ never comes!)   ♦ 425-785-5239 ♦

Mail- An Extra Step

 I have already mentioned that you should remove yourself from junk mail mailing lists (you can do this at  And that you should open your mail over a shredder and garbage can. 

But here is one extra step to take to reduce paper.  When you receive a bill or statement in the mail, open it and remove the extra paper the company has added to the envelope.  Toss it or shred it immediately so that all you have left is the bill/statement and the billing return address envelope.