Announcement- NEW Magazine

I am proud to announce a project I have been working on for most of the year:  Getting Organized Magazine! 

This is a magazine that will cover everything organizing: home, work, technology, paper, time management, ADD/ADHD, book reviews and much more.  In keeping with the Tip of the Week tradition, the magazine has great information that is simple, effective and easy to implement.    

The first printed edition will be delivered in January 2012 but if you visit the website you can read a sneak peek/sample issue for free.  If you    subscribe to the magazine you will receive a free ebook–   Get Organized: Get Revitalized. 

The website also features articles, videos, a list of experts and  events, so check it out!

Adjustable Tab Dividers

Staples has some great new dividers with adjustable tabs!  Yes they move wherever you want/need them to.  They have Staples Better Dividers with Sliding tabs and the Better Dividers.  The sliding ones actually slide along the top and side– to any position along the way. (very fun to play with) and the adjustable ones have slots on the top and side that you can move the tab to– again anywhere you need.  Just another way to better organize your papers and be able to see what you have.  Check them out at Staples.   ♦ 425-785-5239 ♦ 

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