Stacey on Oprah

Well not yet- that is why I am emailing you to ask you a favor.  Oprah is casting TV hosts for her new network with an online contest.  I have submitted a video and now all I need is votes (the one with the most votes wins!)  Because of my late entry I only have a week to get votes. Please vote for me again and again- the more the merrier.  And please pass this email to your friends so they can vote for me, too! 

The direct link to my video is:

If that doesn’t work use  and search for Stacey Anderson in the browse for auditions box.   

I would be forever grateful if you vote every day and forward this email with as many people as you can.  Thank you so much – how exciting!  I really appreciate your help!

10 Habits of Highly Organized People

1. Walk away from bargains

2. Make peace with imperfection

3. Never label anything “miscellaneous”

4. Schedule regular decluttering sessions

5. Stick with what works

6. Create a dump zone

7. Ask for help

8. Separate emotions from possessions

9. Foresee (and avoid) problems

10. Know where to donate

This was from the March 2010 Oprah Magazine you can read the full article at

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