Desk Tips Part 2

Last weeks “Tip of the Week” motivated a friend to get her desk in order.  But she emailed to say, “Help I don’t know where to start!”  I told her that it can be overwhelming to look at the entire desk.  So: 

#1:  Take everything and put it in one big pile so things are not spread out everywhere.  (her actual picture)

#2:  Start with the very first thing on the pile and take action on it.  Then take the next thing and take action on it.  Just work your way down the pile.  Don’t pick and choose, just work on whatever is next. 

It may take time, but you will get it done.  Sometimes the hardest part is just doing it! 

Good Luck! 


Paper or Electronic?

Pick a side and be proud.  Does the latest in technology scare you or excite you?  Do you carry around your planner proudly or hope that everyone will email you appointment requests?  Do you love the feel of a paper book or the capacity of a Kindle?  

Don’t be afraid to admit you still like paper– it is ok, even in today’s fast paced technological world.  You have to use the organizational tools that work best for your personality.  Know what you like and use it how it best works for you.  Don’t let others, or society, dictate how you get organized.  

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End of the Year File Clean-Out

It is the end of the year and time to clean out your files so they are not packed full for next year.  

1. Do one file at a time– go completely through it to decide what you need to toss, keep, shred. Make sure to go through every file you have.

2. If you do NOT write it off on your taxes you can toss/shred (confirm with your accounting professional.)

3. If you do need to keep it, you will need to keep for 3-7yrs for tax audits.  Take   everything out of the current file.  Use an envelope or plastic bin to contain the papers.  Mark them “2009”.  Get a box and put the paperwork inside.  Mark “2009” on the outside of the box.  Put the box in the garage or somewhere away from your current filing system.

You should have empty or near empty file folders left.  If you need a new folder made, this is the time to make it.

Doing this now will make next years filing  SO much easier!